Product Ideas for Photo Set Creations

Looking to upgrade your current digital camera (or purchase a new one) for the purpose of creating your own photo sets with a self-viewable, front-facing screen that will help assist you in capturing better images? Well, look no further!
Understandably, when creating your own photos sets, without a front-facing screen to be able to first view yourself before snapping, definitely makes it more challenging to take, with consideration to getting the correct pose, lighting, facial expressions, angle & positioning, not to mention framing — all of which can cause a great deal of frustration, along with make for multiple attempts in getting the perfect shot(!), which can result in a not-so-fun experience. Furthermore, not everyone can get professional photo sets done. Therefore, taking them yourself (or having a friend take them for you) is next best thing!
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7 displayed in the video below is just one of many “selfie” digital cameras out there that you might find interesting, if not make you want to upgrade or purchase one. Among it, are a list of other selfie digital cameras that might interest you as well: Samsung NX Mini (see video here), Samsung NX3000 (video), Sony RX100 III, Canon Powershot G7X, and many more. And while they might seem a bit pricey, the cost of one runs approximately as much, if not more or less, as most smartphones (if you’re paying full price), while giving you better quality images with less blur or grainy effect that you might sometimes encounter w/low mega pixel, front-facing camera phones.
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If the conventional digital cameras just isn’t for “you” and you prefer to stick with the camera phones instead when taking your photo sets? Tip: You’ll get better image quality, along with your photos being less challenging to take by choosing one with a HIGHER MP (mega pixels) for its “front facing” camera, since most camera phones only offer higher mp on the back end, not allowing you the benefit of being able to first view yourself before snapping. In addition to the HTC Desire Eye selfie camera phone (below), the iPhone 6 Plus is another option (among a few others) that also offers decent image quality for its front-facing camera.
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Below is an additional camera phone, tripod option. For more information, feel free to visit, here.

12 Things Plastic Surgeons Wish They Could Tell You

Getting plastic surgery can be amazing and life-changing, but only if you do it in the right way. Here are 12 things people should know before going under the knife.
A Plastic Surgeon Is Not a Fairy GodmotherHave realistic expectations, both of what your body is capable of accepting and of what your surgeon is capable of doing. “It isn’t realistic to come in asking to look like a particular celebrity,” he says. (Although, it would be wise to bring in sample photographs of what you would like your results to look similar to.) “We can’t make you into a different person but what we can do is make you into a better version of you.”
Get Surgery for You (Not Someone Else)“Pressure from friends or a boyfriend, parents, social recognition—none of these are good reasons to get surgery.” Rather, surgeons look for patients who want to get the procedures for themselves.
Getting Turned Down Could Be Good“I’ve absolutely told people no. Some people are just not good candidates for the plastic surgery they want. We’re not doing this to make you upset, we’re trying to protect you.”
Some Surgeons Will Operate on AnyoneBut that doesn’t mean you should let them. “Everyone’s got to pay their bills, so you’ll be able to find someone willing to do the surgery you want—but that still doesn’t make it a good idea,” adding that the primary thing to look for in a good plastic surgeon, after making sure they’re board-certified, is communication. You have to be able to trust him or her. Having a trusting relationship with your doctor is important for your health.
Getting Surgery Won’t Fix Your LifeGetting your breasts done won’t make an unfaithful boyfriend stop cheating. Getting a brow lift won’t make a husband with a wandering eye stop looking at younger women. Getting lipo won’t get you that job promotion you’ve been denied. “Surgery can absolutely enhance your life, but in the end, it’s just fixing something on the outside. It can’t fix your whole life.”
It Can Become a Vicious Cycle“Sometimes you see people who get surgery, hate the results, get more surgery to ‘fix’ it—or sometimes they love the results—but they get caught in this cycle of always trying to do one more thing, to try to look perfect”. But there is no “perfect” and even if there were, would it really be beautiful?
Don’t Do It to Feel More BeautifulDon’t think that having surgery will make you suddenly love yourself. People who are generally unhappy with their looks will still be unhappy with the way they look, no matter how well the surgery goes because at a certain point you have to learn to love yourself, imperfections included. Rather, the patients who are happiest get surgery to fix something specific like a hooked nose, scars from a childhood accident, or too-large breasts. “These surgeries are the ones I love doing the most because they can change your whole life for the better”.
See a Therapist BeforehandIt never hurts to talk to a therapist about why exactly you want surgery before you ever talk to a doctor. In fact, it’s often recommend people see one if he thinks they haven’t thought it all through yet. “People will say, ‘I don’t like my face’ but then I ask, ‘Well what is it you don’t like? What are you hoping to achieve?’ and I know immediately from their answers if they’re ready,” he explains.
It Isn’t Easy to Fix Bad Plastic SurgeryDespite what you may have seen on TV, corrective surgery is very difficult to do and the risks are amplified.
Know Your Pain ToleranceAny surgery entails risk and plastic surgery is no different—except the results are often even more visible than other surgeries. Even when everything goes right, there’s still a lot of pain involved in recovery. And no one wants to think they’ll be the person to have a complication, but you need to be prepared to handle it if something does go wrong.
It Isn’t Easy for Surgeons EitherPlastic surgeons have to be both medical doctor and psychological guru—to a person they’ve only met a couple of times. “I’m always amazed at how easily people are willing to put their lives in my hands, it’s a great responsibility and sometimes we worry too,” he says.
You Can Be Too Young“I’ve seen some very mature younger people, but often young people simply may not have the life experience to make a decision of this magnitude.”
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Who Is Your Boobie Guide?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]The following was found on the “Eden Knows Implants” blog and is a neat little guide to help choose your desired look: [ From: ]

How To Make Your Bras Last Longer

Simple: Don’t wear the same bra two days in a row!

Rotating your bras every day gives the bands time to rest and helps you avoid replacing your bras more than necessary.
An article from The Venusian Glow blog points out that when a bra is worn all day the elastic in the bra band gets stretched out, and it takes time to recover from that stretching. If you wear the same bra every day it will start not fitting as well.
Another reason to rotate bras is that bras have different pressure and rubbing points, and rotating bras could help reduce discomfort.
The more you know!
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5 Essential Hacks For Bra-Wearers

There are 17 in total listed on Buzzfeed, but I’ve posted my top 5 for your viewing pleasure Do you have any to add? Include them in the comments below!
1) Fasten your bra straps with a paperclip if you are wearing a racerback tank top:

If you aren’t a fan of paperclips, you can also buy clips made specifically for this purpose. I actually own these and would definitely recommend them if your bra doesn’t have removable straps that you can crisscross. You can buy some here.

2) Sew a cheap strapless bra into a strapless dress:

… since boob tape doesn’t work for everyone! I’m kicking myself for not knowing about this earlier. I used to use duck tape for formal dances in high school. OUCH. Find out more on how to do this here.
3) Keep your strapless bra from falling down using a convertible strap to secure it in place:

I have yet to try this, but then again I tend to avoid strapless bras since they are kind of a pain. Perhaps this is indeed the answer?!
4) Dry your dedicates with a (clean) salad spinner:

Way quicker than standard air-dry, and better for the garment(s) than using a blow-dryer (which I admit I am guilty of from time to time!)
5) Learn to repair your bra when the underwire pokes out:

Bras can get expensive, so this is essential! And much easier than you think… find out how to mend yours here.
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Is A Consultation Required Before Sign-Up On MyFreeImplants?

The short answer is: no, it’s not required prior to sign up. You can sign up without first having a consult since you have the ability to edit your goal amount from your profile as you earn, but we do encourage everyone to get a consultation as early on as possible.
A breast augmentation is a serious medical operation that takes significant planning and research, and it is important that you are comfortable with the board certified plastic surgeon you choose. This process is often free or refunded upon the surgery, so we recommend that you keep your options open and get a few consultations from several different surgeons to find the right match for you.
If you need to find a surgeon in your area, check out our list of plastic surgeons from all over the world. If you already have a surgeon in mind who is not on our list, no worries! We will pay the board certified plastic surgeon of your choice after you reach your goal. You can choose any board certified plastic surgeon that you wish anywhere in the world. If your chosen surgeon is not familiar with how MFI’s payment process works, please contact us through the Support Desk and we will be happy to provide you with some resources and assist you in speaking with your surgeon.
We suggest ladies get a consultation as early as possible in the process for the following reasons:
1) Decide on specifics: Like buying a car, breast augmentation can require picking numerous options.
What kind of procedure do you want and what is recommended for your body type (breast implants, breast lift, implants with a lift)?What kind of implants do you want (silicone, saline, gummy bear)?What shape of implants do you want (standard, tear drop, high profile, etc)Where will they be inserted (armpits, under the breast, through the nipple or the navel)?Where will they sit (under muscle, over muscle)?
2) Price it out: The default prices listed on your surgery goals page are ballpark averages that can vary widely by not only the above characteristics, but also by your geographic region and surgeon. We suggest you see several surgeons in your area, and even outside your immediate area if you have the means to travel. Fees for the identical procedure from an equally qualified surgeon in a different location can vary by thousands.
3) Don’t upset your benefactors: Usually the benefactors here are pretty understanding but sometimes can get frustrated when they give you that final push to reach your goal, only to find out you need another $2,000 (or more) for the procedure.
4) Do you qualify: Only your surgeon can determine if you are medically fit for this procedure. It’s very rare but you may not be available to have a breast augmentation and thus will be very upset if you put in a lot of effort here only to find out that surgery is not an option for you.
Do your research and be sure to ask lots of questions at your consultations. Also, don’t be afraid to use the community here at MFI as a resource. Both models and benefactors are full of advice!
[ editor’s note: some of this information is reposted from a previous article ]

WonderCon 2014 & Promo Ideas

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Shayla AKA ChocolateBliss (pictured below) down in Anaheim, CA. She met up with me to promote MyFreeImplants at WonderCon, a large-scale event celebrating comics, movies, TV, animation, and more!
Here are some photos from the event:

*Wearing an MFI t-shirt and handing out your personalized business cards at a convention like this (or even at your local club/bar) is a great way to spread the word about MFI and a fun alternative way to get a Featured Girl spot. Also, if you contact us ahead of time, we can send you some extra MFI swag to pass out along with your cards!

There are many events such as WonderCon all over the world that are a great place to go for a fun party and to promote your MyFreeImplants profile. You can always Google events in your area, but here are a few sites that provide information about upcoming conventions by location:

If you plan on attending any events, make sure to bring your MFI gear and contact us to let us know so we can feature you. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!
Thanks for spreading the word Shayla, keep up the good work!

How-to: Take the Perfect Selfie Using a Camera Phone

[embedded content]So now that you’ve got the scoop on how to take the perfect selfie {using a camera phone}, any ideas on what they could be used for? The perfect profile photo, teaser photos, public/private album profile gallery photos? And if a photo set was created and consisted of ALL selfies, do you think it would make for a popular set for sale?
[ ]

How-to: Tips to Taking a Good Selfie

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Don’t get too close. Keep things clear & in-focus. Have good lighting, no dark photos please! Mirror selfies? At least turn off the flash. Duck faces? Not acceptable. Also, avoid grumpy & sad expressions. Beware of the photo bomb. Frame them properly. Choose an appropriate background. Show off a new outfit, accessory, or make-up. Enhance […]

Having Trouble Playing Games or Chatting? Try This!

MFI benefactor ami4ubabe recently posted a blog sharing some tips he had uncovered regarding issues some people may be having with Flash-supported features of the site. In case you did not have a chance to see the blog, we’ve included some of the information below. Hopefully this will be of use to those that are experiencing technical difficulties with MFI chat, games, or embedded material.
Issue: “Flash Player Doesn’t Work on Some Websites”
Suggestion: Change the Global Storage Settings.
Q: What are the steps?
A: 1) Follow this link, or copy and paste it into your browser:
2) Check-mark  ‘Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer’
3) Uncheck ‘Never Ask Again’
4) Check-mark ‘Store common Flash components to reduce download times’
Example of what the Storage Settings panel should look like:

Note: The forum discussion states that it is okay to leave the setting at 0KB, but you may want to try increasing it to 100KB to be on the safe side (see above).
Changing these settings should help those of you that are experiencing slow load times with games or chat, or those having trouble viewing embedded content on the website (ie. vlogs).
If you have any other tips regarding Flash Settings that you have found to be helpful, please share with us in the comments below. Thanks!

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