How-to: Tips to Taking a Good Selfie

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Don’t get too close. Keep things clear & in-focus. Have good lighting, no dark photos please! Mirror selfies? At least turn off the flash. Duck faces? Not acceptable. Also, avoid grumpy & sad expressions. Beware of the photo bomb. Frame them properly. Choose an appropriate background. Show off a new outfit, accessory, or make-up. Enhance […]

Having Trouble Playing Games or Chatting? Try This!

MFI benefactor ami4ubabe recently posted a blog sharing some tips he had uncovered regarding issues some people may be having with Flash-supported features of the site. In case you did not have a chance to see the blog, we’ve included some of the information below. Hopefully this will be of use to those that are experiencing technical difficulties with MFI chat, games, or embedded material.
Issue: “Flash Player Doesn’t Work on Some Websites”
Suggestion: Change the Global Storage Settings.
Q: What are the steps?
A: 1) Follow this link, or copy and paste it into your browser:
2) Check-mark  ‘Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer’
3) Uncheck ‘Never Ask Again’
4) Check-mark ‘Store common Flash components to reduce download times’
Example of what the Storage Settings panel should look like:

Note: The forum discussion states that it is okay to leave the setting at 0KB, but you may want to try increasing it to 100KB to be on the safe side (see above).
Changing these settings should help those of you that are experiencing slow load times with games or chat, or those having trouble viewing embedded content on the website (ie. vlogs).
If you have any other tips regarding Flash Settings that you have found to be helpful, please share with us in the comments below. Thanks!

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DO’S and DONT’S: how to win over a benefactor (PJ’S take)

Yep, it’s me PJ again, here to try to help you with gaining friends and getting donations towards your boobie goal! it’s just my personal opinions, based on my own personal experiences…
DO… send each and every benefactor your own personal message to THEM. If you just send a “copy and paste” message, you won’t come off as genuine, and you may come off as thinking THEY are not genuine people!
DO… ASK, not TELL a benefactor to donate! I’m sure your mother always told you… say PLEASE and THANK YOU!! Be polite, and it’ll go a long way!
DO… be yourself! A benefactor wants to help out (donate to) a friend, and not a one dimensional naughty picture of some stranger! (ok, maybe that’s not all THAT bad!) these men are human beings with REAL lives, and REAL bills to pay, not ATM machines!
DO… lighten the mood. I personally try and get to know a benefactor’s name, before I ask him for money!! I mean, donations are what every girl is trying to earn, but why not carry on a decent conversation before you ask?
DO… tell some jokes! Laughter really IS the best medicine! Have some FUN, don’t make them feel bad, or sorry for you!
DO… open yourself up a bit, and blog!! Show them that you are a PERSON, not a PRODUCT to purchase! Let the community of MFI know a little more about who you are as a woman!! Looks CAN BE sexy, but what REALLY makes the woman who she is, is even SEXIER!!
DO… remember your manners. Introduce yourself, hold a conversation to peak their interest in you, and remember to say THANK YOU for ANY donation amount!
And now for the DONT’S…
DON’T… demand a donation before you’ll ALLOW them to have a chat with you! For some, that works, but just try and remember that you joined this site for some HELP! You are NOT entitled to it!
DON’T… send a naughty picture before you even introduce yourself, and expect a donation in return! Let them ASK for it, and talk about the donation first! Send a message, and if they respond, then go from there.
DON’T… guilt the benefactors into donating to you! Try and make the benefactors WANT to donate to you, and not like they HAVE TO, or you’ll quit! Nobody likes a quitter, right?
DON’T… complain constantly about a benefactor not donating enough to you!! I’ll say it again… they are human beings with their own lives, and their own bills to pay! Donating to you is a BLESSING, and you should treat it as such!!
DON’T… forget to deliver what you and the benefactor agreed upon, if they’ve kept their end of the bargain, and donated! If you keep your promise, then said benefactor might donate to you more than just once!
DON’T… treat a benefactor by the amount they’ve donated! Sure, you might favor someone who has helped you greatly, but try not to ignore others who have helped you along the way through a smaller donation!
OK, I think that about covers the general idea! I’m sure there are many more, but just find what works for you, and RUN with it!! GOOD LUCK!

Top 5 Body Parts for Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery is a procedure that can be done on virtually any sort of part of the physical body while assisting numerous people change their physical bodies at the very same time. However, some body components are more popular compared to others are. The most popular locations targeted for lipo surgical procedure consist of the back, the upper legs, the mid-section, the arms, as well as the flanks. These locations are most frequently targeted, since they are the harder locations where to do away with body fat or cellulite using diet plan and workout alone.

Back Liposuction Surgical procedure

Women are generally one of the most common targets of too much back body fat, and are one of the most regular patients of lipo around.

The back is split up right into five fatty tissue locations”

  • Infra-scaplar fat is considered women flanks, which is the area over the waistline and below the shoulder blade. Infra-scaplar fat is also commonly called bra strap fat.
  • Posterior auxiliary fat is on the upper back and close to the armpit.
  • Posterior waist fat lies above the hips.

Lumbo sacral fatty tissue pad, which is in the middle of the back simply above the tailbone.
The buffalo hump, which is at the leading of the back as well as here the neck.

Thigh Liposuction Surgery Surgical procedure

The upper legs are an additional typical location targeted for liposuction considering that they are hardly affected by diet and exercise. The thigh is split into 4 body fat areas:

  • Internal thigh
  • Outer thigh
  • Anterior upper leg
  • Hip

A lot of specialists will certainly not carry out liposuction on the entire upper leg in one surgery, since there might be severe swelling later. If a client needs the entire upper leg liposuction, after that the cosmetic surgeon will crack the surgical treatment right into two various procedures generally spaced a month apart.

In one surgery, the specialist will certainly deal with the external thigh and also hips area while the anterior thigh, internal upper leg, and also knee are treated in the next. Lipo of the whole upper leg need to be performed in two treatments to lower the recuperation time for the patient. The healing time for both surgical procedures is often a few days to a week.

Stomach Liposuction Surgery

The abdominal area is an usual area targeted by both men as well as women. Some women establish body fat deposits in the lower abdomen after bring to life kids. The extending of the abdominal muscles induces these fat down payments, which happens during pregnancy. Nonetheless, lipo surgical procedure is not adequate to heal these locations in women that have given birth, many cosmetic surgeons advise an abdominoplasty paired with the liposuction surgery treatment. After the liposuction surgery procedure, people will certainly have pain as well as inflammation in the stomach location, which could last around a month. There are virtually no restrictions on a patient’s physical exertion complying with the abdominal liposuction surgery.

Lipo Surgery on the Arms

The procedure done on this area is most generally done in ladies, and also has the greatest acceptable price of all liposuction treatments. After the surgical treatment, the skin’& rsquo; s suppleness will certainly return to normal, as well as patients will uncover a remarkable change in the shape of their upper arm. The rehabilitation period for this surgical procedure is normally brief, and individuals are able to remove compression garments, and able to operate in 2 to 4 days.

Male Love Handle Liposuction surgery Surgical treatment

The flanks are typically referred to as love takes care of, as well as are the greatest trouble location for guys. The flanks are located over the hipbone and also have a tendency to collect fat that is tough to do away with making use of diet regimen as well as workout. Male with love deals with have the tendency to have an area of fat that extends from the love deal with to the back. Lipo surgical procedure of the flanks is one of the most common treatment done on guys. Healing for this treatment is typically very brief, and also usually lasts three to 5 days needing individuals to use a compression garment during this time around.

Pros and Cons of Liposuction Surgery

If you have been considering having liposuction surgical treatment, are you knowledgeable about the changes your body may go through since of the treatment and do you know how long it will take you to recover? Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of liposuction surgical treatment that might help you to make your decision.

How Liposuction Surgical treatment Functions

On the plus side, liposuction can help you to get the body shape that you want, by removing fat cells from places in the body that you have actually tried to lose weight through workout. If you already have a good condition, and do not desire to alter everything about your body, you can use this treatment to get rid of things like additional flab beneath the arms, small pockets of fat below the butts or additional weight around the stomach area.

Liposuction surgery works best for folks who are young, or still have flexibility to their skin as this makes it simpler to heal after the treatment.

Liposuction Surgical treatment Side Impacts

Nevertheless, the treatment can leave some scarring. While you might be able to go to work a few days after having some forms of liposuction surgery, you might still have scars and swellings on your skin for months after the procedure has actually been performed. This is certainly a disadvantage for great deal of clients, especially depending upon which area of the body the surgical treatment occurred.

In addition, the skin may use up to six months to go back to its elastic state and mold itself around the new location of the body. This means you might be entrusted additional folds of skin for a while, and some locations never ever completely recover, meanings that you might need to go through another surgery to fix the problem.

However, liposuction surgical treatment can get rid of fat cells for good, so the location of your body that you are trying to enhance will certainly never ever have excess fat cells again. This is often the inspiration for lots of patients, and there have actually been many positive arise from cosmetic surgery clients worldwide.

Liposuction Surgery Weight reduction

Exactly what the surgical treatment can refrain, nevertheless, is entirely remove the fat cells from folks who are chronically obese. Liposuction surgical treatment is just indicated to take away percentages of fat from one location of the body. Moreover, if a client put on weight after the surgical treatment, the fat will settle in other areas of the body, leaving out the location that was dealt with. This might alter the shape of the body considerably.

For that reason, it is suggested that clients that are overweight or more than a couple of pounds overweight look for other kinds of dietary or surgical techniques instead of liposuction surgery.